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Clicking the ‘Quick Escape’ button will take you away from this site swiftly and open a new webpage. If you are afraid your internet or computer usage is being monitored, please try to use a safe computer. If you are in danger and seeking safety, call YWCA Cass Clay at (701) 232-3449.

How You Can Help

Give to YWCA

When you give to the YWCA, you help families build brighter futures. Those facing homelessness want what we all want; a place to call home, a place to raise children, a place to work, and the opportunity to provide a good life for their families.

Beyond meeting the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing, a gift today will help us enhance our Education and Employment program, expand Supportive Housing services, and ensure our facilities are safe and sustained.


Our volunteers make an enormous impact and are a vital part of our organization and its supportive programming. By generously contributing time and energy, volunteers fuel our mission and make our work possible.

In addition to helping with a variety of needs and projects at the shelter and in the community, volunteers also serve in leadership positions on our board of directors and multiple standing committees.


Repurpose with purpose! YWCA accepts donations of urgently needed items from our needs list (updated weekly.) We ask that all other used goods be delivered to our partner, Savers Thrift Store. YWCA donation bins have been closed.

Through this approach, the YWCA team will focus on our mission of providing safety, support and hope to families while receiving critical financial support from Savers for the items the community donates there.

Community Partnership

It is only with support from companies like yours that we are able to provide a place to call home, a place where families feel safe, loved, and where anything is possible.

We offer several partnership levels designed to engage your team in our mission, increase your brand visibility, build community loyalty, and tickets to our signature events.