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YWCA Supportive Housing

For over 30 years, YWCA has offered supportive housing and was one of the first organizations to do so in North Dakota. 

While in the program, a woman and her family have the opportunity to live in a safe, secure, furnished apartment that costs up to 30% of what she earns annually. Experienced YWCA Housing Advocates walk alongside each woman every step of the way, providing what every one of us needs to be successful in life – support, guidance and accountability. In addition we provide assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation depending on each woman’s unique needs. 

In 2006, through a partnership with the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Supportive Housing program was expanded to 10 units. Again, in 2015, YWCA and the Sisters of the Presentation further partnered on an additional 10 supportive housing units, bringing the total supportive housing units at that time to 32 units.

In 2016, Gate City Bank announced a $1.5 million donation over the course of 12 years to help a 30-unit housing initiative called Grace Garden come together in partnership with Lutheran Church of the Cross. In 2021, YWCA opened Lantern Light: A YWCA Supported Residence in the former Sisters of the Presentation for the Prayer Center building which provides 23 units of housing.

YWCA’s Supportive Housing Program is a proven solution for helping families break the cycles of poverty and violence.


  • 261 individuals housed
  • 63,025 nights of housing provided
  • 47% of participants increased their income
  • 78% of participants reduced their use of emergency services
  • 73% of participants obtained stable housing upon exiting the program

Grace Garden: A YWCA Supported Residence

Grace Garden: A YWCA Supported Residence opened in 2019 and provides homes for 30 families at risk of homelessness, many of them transitioning from domestic violence.

Apartments range from one to four bedrooms. Onsite there are also YWCA staff offices, a community room, exercise room, patio, garage and playground.

Lantern Light: A YWCA Supported Residence

Lantern Light opened in 2023 with 23 one- to four-bedroom units in newly renovated former convent building of the Sisters of the Presentation

YWCA housing staff has a presence onsite to help women as they overcome barriers they encounter in life.