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Stand Against Racism Challenge

2022 Stand Against Racism Challenge

Each weekday April 4 – May 2, 2022, YWCA Cass Clay explored the topics of Homelessness and Housing, Gender-Based Violence, Film and Television, and Education via email.

In addition to weekly resources (articles, podcasts, videos, and more), discussion questions and action steps help continue the conversation with others in your workplace, community organization, family, or friend group.

2021 14-Day Equity Challenge

Each weekday November 1-28, 2021, YWCA Cass Clay shared resources via email on a variety of equity topics to those who signed up for the challenge.

YWCA Cass Clay’s 14-Day Equity Challenge was adapted from YWCAs across the country and designed to help community members easily and conveniently build more effective social justice habits – particularly around issues of race, privilege, power, and domestic violence.